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Senhores do Ar is a portugues company, created in 2007, with it`s main aime producing artists, management and representation.

Rapidley to aknowledge, that the demand in this area forced us to organise our own productions and all type of other events.

The human component, took it`s own substancial importance for the success, quality and rigour productions may always be present, leadered by vaste experienced partner and founder António Gomes, who has 25 years of accumulated work.

The specific invitation for the production in events, reached it`s peak with the mais customeres being Town Halls.

In this context also came along other contacts in various company departments and not only that, credits were arranged for Senhores do Ar, to fullfill certain events in various types.

These events vary, from prodution in musical shows; concerts, artisan and gastronomical Fairs; exhibitions, national and internationally.

The Senhores do Ar produce their shows and entertainment in countries like, France, Luxemburge, Germany, Switzerland, Moçambique, Angola and others...

This companies good name continues five years in a row with a very good reputation, together with the other type of events. Gathering favourable advantages, great produtions with thier national and international artists in all types of cenaries and locations. They have been to the most well known and largest places for thier shows and musicals in the country.